A murder trial jury heard today (Monday) about a mysterious appointment with a doctor Betty Guy had just two days before she died.

Her daughter Penny John, who is accused of helping to kill her, told Swansea crown court that on November 4, 2011, she took her to see Dr Roger Burns.

John said she was inside the consultation room when she heard Dr Burns say to her mother: "Sorry, we have been giving you the wrong medicine for years. You don't have long left."

Paul Lewis QC, prosecuting, said: "He was prophetic. Two days later she was dead."

John said her mother, aged 84, became upset and began to cry before saying she wanted to leave.

Questioned by Mr Lewis, John agreed there was no mention of the consultation "whatsoever" in her mother's medical records.

Mr Lewis said the only explanation was that John had made it up, or that Dr Burns had neglected to make a note of it, or had made a note but later deleted it.

John agreed she had not asked Dr Burns for how long her mother had been given the wrong medicine or how it could have happened. Nor did she ask what the new medicine would be.

She said that after the consultation she drove her mother to a Tesco because she knew she was short of food, and then her mother said she wanted to be left alone for the weekend.

Forty eight hours later she received a telephone call from Mary Collier, a friend of her mother's, telling her she was very ill and that she should drive to her home in Hillcroft, Johnston.

John said she arrived and made her mother some tea.

She found her dying in bed at about 1am.

John telephoned her son, Barry Rogers, and told him his grandmother was seriously ill and was asking for him.

Rogers drove to the bungalow but claims she was already dead.

Mr Lewis asked John why, if her mother was that ill, she had telephoned her son but not a doctor or for an ambulance.

"I asked her four or five times. She did not want me to make that call. She said she did not want to be fiddled about with. She just wanted to be left alone."

Mr Lewis asked, "Did you think she was close to death? Had you decided her end was nigh and you were going to speed it up?"

"No," replied John.

Rogers, of High Street, Fishguard, and John, 50, of Union Terrace, St Dogmaels, deny murdering Mrs Guy in the early hours of November 7, 2011.

At first her death was put down to natural causes and her body was cremated at Narberth four days later.

The prosecution claim John fed her a cocktail of drugs and whiskey and that Rogers "finished her off" by placing a pillow over her face.

The trial continues.