A retired GP told a murder jury today (Wednesday) he was 100 per cent sure that Penny John had been wrong about a consultation she said he had with her mother Betty Guy just two days before she died.

John had told a jury at Swansea crown court that on November 4, 2011, she was at the St Thomas surgery in Rifleman Lane, Haverfordwest, when Dr Roger Burns told her 84 year old mother: "Sorry, we have been giving you the wrong medicine for years. You don't have long left."

Dr Burns told the jury today, in a written statement, that he was 100 per cent sure that the consultation had never taken place.

Dr Burns said he could not find a record of it but he was certain that if it had happened he would had made an entry on Mrs Guy's patient notes.

He said he had been congratulated by colleagues on his record keeping.

"I don't recall telling her that and if that had been the case I am sure I would have recorded it because of its importance."

Dr Burns said he had been asked if he could have made an entry but later deleted it, or if the surgery's computer system could have been down on that day.

Dr Burns said he never deleted entries. If one was entered by mistake he would add a correct one but without deleting the original entry.

He added that he had asked for checks to be made about the system itself.

The practice manager, Jane Stewart-Daters, said in a statement that the system had been operating normally on November 4, 2011.

She said that if an entry had been deleted there would have been an audit trail and there was no record of any deletions being made that day.

Nor was there a record of Betty Guy requesting an appointment on that day.

Dr Burns then made a second statement saying he was 100 per cent sure the consultation described by John had not taken place and he had not made the statement she claimed he had.

"There is no possibility I saw her on that day," he added.

Dr Burns said he also disputed John's claim that after Mrs Guy's death they had met at the undertakers and had a conversation, in which John had said to him: "You saw her just two days before her death."

"But I did not," said Dr Burns.

John, aged 50, of Union Terrace, St Dogmaels, and her son Barry Rogers, aged 33, of High Street, Fishguard, deny murdering Mrs Guy at her home in Hillcroft, Johnston, in the early hours of November 7, 2011.

The prosecution argue that John fed her a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and that Rogers "finished her off" by placing a pillow over the face.

The trial is entering the closing stages and the jury is expected to retire on Friday.