A HERBRANDSTON-based international Christian group dedicated to helping the needy and homeless, has recently spent 10 days in eastern Africa, preaching to thousands.

Discipling Nations to Christ Ministries Global Director Nigael Lewis, of Sandy Haven Drive, said: “On February 8, I led a team of seven trustees of the ministry into a mission trip to Uganda for five days, and Rwanda for five days.”

Trustees Dorothy Lewis, Kelly Russell, Bridget John, Shirley Harrison, Marcy and Alan Leute took part.

“It was a fantastic trip, visiting the needy people of the poverty stricken areas,” added Nigael.

“The ministry helped with feeding several people with rice and sugar, but also purchasing mattresses for the elderly so they could rest upon mattresses instead of sleeping on mud floors.

“DNC Ministries (N Lewis) got interviewed by local radio as we impacted the local community immensely.

“We saw people attend in their thousands in both crusades in both countries, and who gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

“In total, more than 1,400 people came to know Jesus in nine days. Also myself, my wife and two other trustees preached in a prison in Uganda, which was a great experience to see how the prisons differ greatly from ours back here in the UK.

“In addition, we participated in Business leaders’ conferences, women’s conferences and the Great Harvest Crusade 2018, which DNC Ministries hosted in the towns of Mubende-Uganda and Kayonza in Rwanda.

“DNC Ministries is now setting up DNC Africa (which is an international NGO) and is currently purchasing land in Rwanda to build a village for the needy families.

“We are looking for companies and individuals who would like to partner with us in such a worthy cause to contact myself (Nigael Lewis) at Nigael@dnc-ministries.com or 07554008608.

“You can also visit our Facebook page at Discipling Nations to Christ Ministries page to see more photos of the previous trips to Africa, South America and other Mission trips.”