YOU could help the homeless with your old plastic bags.

A second chance to turn your old plastic bags into floor matting that the homeless can use to bed down on is coming up in Pembroke Dock.

The Facebook group Homeless Pembrokeshire will meet at Guymers Café, Havefordwest on Thursday, March 1, and at Checkers Café, Pembroke Dock on Thursday, March 8, both from 2pm.

There have already been workshops at both cafes, demonstrating how to turn plastic bags into a yarn that can be made into sturdy mats, or heavy-duty carrier bags.

This plastic yarn, or plarn, as it is known, is made by cutting up plastic carrier bags into strips and looping these strips together to create a sturdy woven material.

For more information visit the Homeless Pembrokeshire Facebook page.

Making plastic yarn involves squeezing and rolling shopping bags into small pieces, and creating one floor mat could use more than 100 old shopping bags because of this.