A MILFORD Haven football club with more than 250 players has ambitious plans to become the best in Pembrokeshire.

Milford United's new fundraising committee aims to restore the club to its former glory, and create the best facilities it can for players and spectators.

With nine junior teams and three senior sides, the club relies on a team of loyal parents and volunteers to keep it running.

Having clocked up more than £1,500 so far this year, the committee has also applied to supermarket Tesco’s Bags of Help project, which could see them win between £1,000 and £4,000.

From this week, shoppers can vote to support the club’s Under-7s section by depositing a blue plastic ‘coin’ near the tills.

Over the years the teams’ facilities have fallen into disrepair, and more funds are needed to future-proof the buildings and grounds.

Under-10s coach Chris Pilgrim said: “The children tend not to use the changing rooms because they’re not in the greatest condition, they need a lick of paint to say the least.

“We’d also like to get rid of the storage room, which needs a new roof and a lot of work, and move the equipment to a secure container.”

Also among its plans is repairing a broken boundary wall and investing in CCTV to protect the club and its grounds.

Added Chris: “The facilities are here, but they need an upgrade.

“There’s a lot of potential here, a lot of money has been invested over the years, and we’re quite fortunate to even have changing rooms - a lot of clubs just have a field.

“But it’s gone stale, that’s the problem, and it just needs an uplift.”

Club chairman and child welfare officer Bruce Goodall said: “Our aim is to be the best in Pembrokeshire and beyond, by running these junior teams through from the age of seven, so they learn to play properly in the spirit of the game, and then they can move on to the senior teams.

“You need that legacy, looking after the younger teams is vital so you keep that talent as they progress.”

Asked why the club was so well-loved, Chris said: “It’s just pure enjoyment, such fun.

“They come here on a Saturday, and it’s chucking it down with rain, but you can’t help smiling, just to see those kids running around.

“The facilities here aren’t amazing, but we’ve got a base to work for, so when they come here they’re actually coming to a proper football ground, not just a field in a park.

“All the kids are like ‘I’m part of Milford United’, and they wear that shirt with pride.

“There are so many positives about this place.”

Added Bruce: “We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help.

“Even something as simple as cutting the grass, Ashley Britton the fundraising committee chairman does that – it's a nine-mile run, and it’s all fuel and costs, and that’s all raised through fundraising and donations.”

To support the club, visit Tesco during March and April, or contact the club on its Facebook page.