A PEMBROKESHIRE politician wants people to have their say on his plans for a new Wales-wide autism law.

Conservative Assembly Member Paul Davies has put forward draft wording for a new Bill, which aims to ensure the needs of Wales’ 34,000-strong autism community are enshrined into law.

The Bill asks that the Welsh Government does more to support children and adults with autism in Wales.

Depending on the outcome, it could mean the Welsh Government is given extra powers to tell councils and health boards what they should be doing.

It follows an initial consultation which ran from August to November last year, the feedback from which went on to inform the wording of the current Bill.

Autism-specific legislation already exists in England and Northern Ireland, but currently there is no such equivalent in Wales.

Said Mr Davies, “I’m delighted to publish the second consultation to my Autism Bill.

"It’s been great to receive so much feedback to the initial consultation last year and I truly hope that I’ve been able to incorporate as many points as possible into the drafting of this Bill.

“The entire point of this legislation is to put the provision of autism services on a statutory footing and secure a measure of permanence and sustainability in care and support services for people with autism spectrum conditions.

“Therefore, I hope as many people as possible respond to this consultation and help me create a bespoke piece of legislation for those living with autism in Wales that will meet these objectives.”

To view the easy-read consultation document, visit bit.ly/2CMVZX1

You have until April 17 to add your comments. You can download a form by visiting bit.ly/2x2eOTl and clicking 'easy read response form'.