Passing a poo in a police cell led to a two month prison sentence for a Milford Haven man.

Ashley Rickard, of Cherry Tree Close, Mount Estate, appeared before Haverfordwest via video link from Swansea prison on Wednesday.

The 20 year-old pleaded guilty to damaging a Haverfordwest police cell and damaging a car and plant pot.

Abul Hussain, prosecuting, told the court that Rickard’s mother asked him to leave her home when he threatened to smash things up on February 5.

He picked up a plant pot and launched it at a window before kicking her Vauxhall Tigra’s wing-mirrors.

The court heard that Rickard was arrested for an unrelated matter on February 11 and was captured on CCTV defecating on the cell floor.

He then picked up his faeces with the cell blanket.

Stuart John, defending, said: “The offences are indicative of a young man whose mental health seems to be unravelling quite quickly.”

Magistrates sentenced Rickard to four weeks custody for each offence, to run consecutively.

He was also ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £115 victim surcharge.