MORE than £120,000 has been paid back – including two payments last month - to Pembrokeshire County Council by a developer involved in alleged “misappropriation” of property grant funding in Pembroke Dock.

Cllr Jacob Williams had asked full council for the figures after an offer was made to pay back the funds in 2014.

Cllr Williams asked: “Following allegations of misappropriation of council-administered grant funds awarded to him personally and to companies under his control, property developer Cathal McCosker offered to repay the council over £180,000 within a year.

“That offer was made in April 2014. Could the leader please give council details of all repayments made to date?”

Cabinet member for finance Cllr Bob Kilmister said that the offer in 2014 had been made by Mr McCosker “on the basis that issue would then come to an end.”

This was refused by the council and an invoice was then sent after the authority was asked to pay back the money to the grants authority.

Cllr Kilmister said £98,500 had been paid back in reference to 10 Myrick Street and 29 Dimond Street, with £26,426 still outstanding.

No payments had been received for 27 Dimond Street so there was £36,884 outstanding.

Two payments were made by Mr McCosker last month for 25 Dimond Street, totalling £27,413.

Council leader Cllr David Simpson added that Mr McCosker had been making payments of £1,000 over the last few years and the lump sum shade been received recently as he wanted to sell the property.