‘EXTREME vandalism’ could lead to public toilets at Gelliswick being permanently closed.

The toilets have been temporarily closed since October last year when vandals left all the cubicles unusable.

A report to Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet recommends that a consultation on the potential closure of the facilities be carried out.

October’s vandalism was the latest deliberate damage at Gelliswick which has the highest number of recorded incidents in a 12 month period, according to a council report.

Doors have repeatedly been kicked in, toilet pans smashed up and fireworks being set off inside.

The report for cabinet added: “Given the low usage levels and the level on investment required to allow this facility to reopen (with likely additional ongoing expenditure which will impact upon investment in other toilets across Pembrokeshire), it is proposed that this toilet block be permanently closed.”

Hubberston county council Viv Stoddart said at the time of October’s clsoure: “Gelliswick Bay is a popular recreation area for families. Closing the toilets is a regrettable decision, but the level of vandalism leaves the county council with no option.

“The toilet doors were locked overnight, but this was no deterrent to vandals, who smashed the doors down. One on occasion in August, the disabled door and store door were forced open, and the interiors trashed.

“Once again, a selfish and mindless minority have spoilt the quality of life of the law-abiding majority.”

Milford Haven Town Council decided in January that it was unable to take over the running of the toilets due to the level of vandalism.

A similar proposal to consult on the closure of two vandalism plagued facilities in Fishguard – Parc y Shwt and West Street – will be discussed at Monday’s meeting (March 19).