A PARTNERSHIP between town and county council, and a local charity, could ensure Milford Haven paddling pool remains open.

On Monday (March 26), the town council agreed to support a draft agreement to help fund the running of the Rath pool.

The proposals will see the council take over 60 per cent of the cost, with Nantucket Charitable Incorporate Organisation (CIO) covering the remaining 40 per cent, up to a total of £5,574 per year.

The agreement will see the pair pay Pembrokeshire County Council to run and maintain the pool during the six-week school summer holiday period.

This means the pool will be kept open between 10am and 6pm during the week, and between 10am and 4pm on weekends, unless weather is bad, or it deemed unsafe to do so.

The pool will be staffed by a qualified lifeguard during opening hours, and water sampling will take place four times a day.

The contract stipulates that all funds be restricted, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

It also states that the county council cannot sub-contract their responsibilities to a third party without prior consent.

Nantucket CIO lists county councillor, and former town councillor Stephen Joseph, as a trustee and part-project manager with the town council clerk.

At a previous council meeting, Cllr Joseph asked whether it was possible for volunteers to man the pool, to enable it to remain open in good weather.

Mike Cavanagh, of Pembrokeshire County Council, told members using professional staff would be the simplest way, as volunteers would need to be trained and have insurance.

But, he said, in principle the authority should not charge volunteers to undertake a £200 lifeguard training course.