NEYLAND's west ward has a new councillor.

Adam Pollard-Powell joined the town council this week, following a two-horse race for the seat.

He previously ran for council in October, but missed out on a place to Gareth Lawlor and Peter Davies.

Cllr Pollard-Powell runs a computer business in the town, and said he wants to help local people.

"I'm happy and proud to represent Neyland, and am happy to meet or visit members of the community," he said.

"I am fully behind the new community hub as I believe we should improve facilities for generations to come.

"Road safety is an issue to many of us, and I will campaign to make the streets safer for all of us."

He also wants to improve facilities for the disabled and the elderly in the town.

In recent months, he has also taken part in rubbish clean-ups around Neyland, and hopes to continue to improve the local environment.