THE newest member of Milford Haven Town Council believes his youth will help bring fresh ideas to the table.

Rhys Williams, who turns 25 in May, was elected to the town’s central ward in March, following Cllr Byron Jenkins’ resignation before Christmas.

His interest in politics can be traced back to his childhood and discussions with his grandad about current affairs.

“I remember how passionate he was, and it really inspired me to make a difference,” he said.

Cllr Williams is keen to get young people living in Milford Haven engaged with and involved in local politics.

He recently joined the council’s Youth Working Group and will be encouraging youngsters to ask questions and to have a say about what happens in their town.

He is also passionate about the importance of tourism to the county and wants to promote Milford Haven as a key tourist hub in Pembrokeshire.

Other key issues he will be tackling in his new role are limited parking, leftover waste after bin collections, and dog mess - which he said was a "big problem" in Milford Haven.

Cllr Williams said the town council was doing a good job in using social media to help publicise its work, but more could be done to educate and engage with the local community about its role.

“The most frequently asked question I have received is ‘What does a town or community council do?’” he said.

“I think it is extremely important to encourage healthy debate and discussion around the work of the town council that is why I have set up a Facebook page to actively communicate with the community.”

Cllr Williams lives in Milford Haven with his partner and Millie, their two-year old golden retriever, and currently works for the marketing department at Bluestone National Park Resort.

To follow his work, or to raise a local issue, visit