THE FIRST of eight horses who were found abandoned last September is ready to be rehomed, after recovering in the care of Green Acres Animal Rescue.

Bug, a white cob, believed to be two years old, was found with seven other horses near Lamphey in September.

The team at Green Acres Animal Rescue took in the ‘Lamphey Eight’, and the horses spent the winter recovering from malnourishment and mistreatment at the rescue centre near Little Haven.

When Bug arrived with his fellow horses, they were all seriously underweight and living with worms.

The Lamphey Eight were all wormed, and cared for by vets and a farrier, and spent the winter returning to full health.

“Every one of them has recovered, but Bug has really thrived,” said Green Acres’ equine expert Natalie Thomas.

Miss Thomas added it had taken a lot of patience and care to help the horses learn to trust humans, but that rewarding them with grooming and the occasional treat had helped create a bond.

“When they arrived every one of them was unhandled. We haltered all of them and they have now been socialised,” she said.

“Considering what has happened to all of them they are surprisingly trusting. Once they realised we were there to help and feed them they were fine.”

Bug is currently ready for adoption, and Green Acres is looking for a home with patient and calm owners, who will take the time to earn his trust.

He is not yet fully grown, and is expected to stand at 14 hands high, or roughly 1.5 meters tall when he reaches maturity.

“He is only a baby really, and will make a lovely riding pony for children when it is appropriate for him to be ridden,” added Miss Thomas.

Bug could soon be followed by his companions,who could all be in a healthy condition by the summer.

For more information visit or call 01437 781745.