THE HOSPITAL ward which cared for a health care campaigner in her final weeks has been honoured with an award.

Ward 4 at Withybush General Hospital received Hywel Dda University Health Board’s Team of the Month award for the care they gave to Ann Doran through the final weeks of her short illness.

Ann’s partner of 14 years, Christopher Doran, and fellow members of a volunteer group named for her, Ann’s Withybush Volunteer Ground Force, nominated the Ward 4 team for the award.

At 10am on May Bank Holiday Monday last year, Christopher explained to Ward 4 staff that he and Ann had planned to marry, but had not had time to plan.

Within six hours, the staff helped to arrange a locum registrar, completed all the paperwork, did Ann’s hair and makeup, and decorated the room.

By 4pm the same day, Christopher and Ann were married.

Christopher said: “They were phenomenal, they did everything and more than I could have imagined both in care and to make our wedding day the best possible in the circumstances.”

Christopher gave his special thanks to nursing assistants Denise Martin and Alison Bevan for the effort they put into the wedding day and for the photo album they put together.

In a letter addressed to Hywel Dda, the volunteer team said one of Ann’s final requests before she passed away was to nominate the ward for the team of the month award.

In her words, the care she had “from cleaners to consultants could not have been better and to arrange her marriage in such a short time went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Sadly Ann passed away nine days after her wedding, but her friends and fellow healthcare campaigners requested the award on her behalf.

Ann’s Withybush Volunteer Ground Force maintains the grounds of Withybush and the Bro Cerwyn Centre.

The group will be starting work again very soon after a winter break.

Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact via their Facebook page or call 01646 695823.