THE Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is highlighting issues caused by marine litter with a series of animal sculptures made from plastic

The five wire framed models include a pod of three dolphins, a fish and the emblem of the National Park, a razorbill.

It is hoped they will highlight the steps humans can take to improve the marine litter situation during Visit Wales’ Year of the Sea.

The sculptures will be appearing at various locations across Pembrokeshire including shows, beach cleans and other events.

Rebecca Evans, National Park Authority Interpretation Officer, said: “As the UK’s only coastal National Park, we are only too aware of how much marine litter is left behind by the tide every day

“Many volunteers help improve the situation by taking part in beach cleans on the Pembrokeshire Coast every year but this is not a sustainable solution.

“We hope the sculptures can help inspire people to make different choices, such as using reusable cups and bottles and picking up litter when they next visit a beach.”

The sculptures were created by Cardigan artist, Toby Downing.

Some have been filled with marine litter, while others will be filled by the public at special events.