JEFF Dunn shares just some of the applause for St Katharine's Stratford Players' Easter pantomime - Cinderella.

Once again the full-house signs went up at the Church Hall every night, with audiences ready to enjoy this classic fairy tale.

Directed by Geraint Sayers, the show proved to be yet another triumph, showing once and for all that these guys and gals have few equals when it comes to pleasing their audiences.

Cole Greenish said the show was "absolutely fantastic", adding: "So enjoyable and also very funny.

"I hadn't laughed like that in ages. Everything was well thought of, and it was just a top performance by all.

"The scene and costume changes were brilliant.

"Couldn't recommend it enough."

Alison Davies had this to say: "The cast were fabulous, as were all the crew, refreshment staff and front-of-house staff.

"It's a brilliant show for all ages. Well done everyone."

Claire Dawes added: "Absolutely brilliant! Lots of laughs, singing and audience participation. Particularly loved the Ugly Sisters and Buttons relationship comedy. Hilarious. Perfect night out for all the family."

Elizabeth Bearne said she hadn't laughed so much in ages, while Cynthia Edwards said: "Everyone left with smiles on their faces and the feel good factor.

"The cast had the audience, young and old, joining in the singing and clapping.

"Simply outstanding."

I couldn't have put it any better myself.

I enjoyed every minute of it - great choice of on performances, and right from the outset they had the audience eating out of their hands.

I was curious to find out what the cast themselves thought of their week's work, and they told me: "We are just like one big family and we enjoyed the week just as much as the audience did."

But things don't always go smoothly back stage.

One cast member who changed their costume too soon had only seconds to change back, and was heard to say: "That was not such a good idea!" ...or words to that effect!

There is something unique about an Easter panto, and there is something special about this gang of Players.

And so my verdict of Cinderella is: I didn't like some of it... I loved all of it.


Prince Charming: Thomas Carew; Dandini: Arron Evans; Cinderella: Hannah Jenkins; Buttons: James Sheldon; Fairy Godmother: Sally Hicks; Iffy: Viv Barrat; Sniffy: Gabrielle Swales; Rose: Stuart Rogers; Violet: Geraint Sayers; Lord Chamberlain: Jasmin Khan; Baron Hardup: Eddie Davies; Baroness Hardup: Helen Boyce; Major Domo: David Woodham.


Caitlyn Arran; Harry Armstrong; Charlotte Ashton-Smith; Arron Davies; Casey Davies; Shannon Davies; Elinor Evans; Jake George; Megan Gough; Jasmine John; Mackenzie King; Maddison Lewis; Thomas O'Leary; Bethany Sexton; Alicia Thomas.


Amelie Llewellyn; Lacey-May Roberts; Megan Smith.


Daisy-Mai Davies; Poppy Inglesant; Megan Lloyd; Chiara Quinn.