A PETITION to stop parking charges at one of Pembrokeshire’s top beaches has gained over 900 signatures since it was set up on Wednesday.

The petition was set up after the National Parks said they are going to start charging for parking at Angle Beach.

Locals have said that the land was donated under the condition that parking remains free.

Jade Griffiths, who started the petition said: “A plaque detailing that the land was donated has recently “disappeared” conveniently in time for the proposed changes.”

Locals fear that the charges, which are being proposed at £1 per hour, will deter local people and tourists from enjoying the beach.

“One of the main reasons local people visit Angle is because it’s one of the few remaining beach car parks that don’t charge,” Jade said.

“We believe the charges will have an impact on the businesses in Angle which will ultimately affect the livelihoods of local people.

“This isn’t just about the charges, it’s also the principle that the land was donated and now the National Parks are trying to make money from generosity!”

Tricia Mitchell, a commenter on the petition, said: “Since this land was donated as free parking it is scandalous that charges are even being considered.

“Just leave it alone, greedy sharks!”

A National Park Authority spokesman said: “Plans to introduce charging at West Angle Bay were first discussed by Members of the Authority in November 2016 and were approved in principle in November 2017.

“Officers met with Angle Community Council earlier this year to discuss these plans and address any concerns raised.

“Before any charges are introduced, the Authority will need to work with the local highway authority to revise the Off-Street Parking Order.

"This process would include a formal public consultation period, which would be promoted via public notices, press releases and online.”

Visit change.org/p/national-parks-keep-angle-car-park-free-from-chargesto sign the petition.