PEMBROKE Dock's interim mayor was reselected by the council at an annual general meeting this week.

Councillor Gordon Goff became the interim mayor towards the end of last year when the previous mayor, Jane McNaughton, quit as both mayor and town councillor.

Cllr McNaughton stood down due to the pressure of dealing with alleged bullying within the council and was replaced by Cllr Goff - the then deputy mayor - with Cllr George Manning replacing him as deputy.

Both Cllr Goff and Cllr Manning were selected to retake their respective interim roles.

"I was only the interim mayor before, I was just holding the reins," Cllr Goff said.

"Now I have been elected, myself and Cllr Manning hope to run this council to the best of our abilities and for the good of the town.

"Now we have the office moving to the centre of the town it will be a lot easier for the residents of Pembroke Dock to contact us.

"If any residents have any problems, don't hesitate to get in touch."

Cllr Goff went on to praise the staff at Pembroke Dock, particularly the interim town clerk, Amanda Dillaway, and interim deputy town clerk, Amanda Hart, who he said had been a "rock".

Cllr Manning said: "I am honoured to serve this town and the community.

"I have done it for 6 months now since Jane stood down. I was pleased and honoured to do it then and I am even more pleased now.

"Since being on the council one of my ambitions was to get the councillors back into the town centre and we will be moving in mid-May.

"I now hope to get start a drop in service with ward representatives, so we can get to know the public and so they can see that we are working for the town and for them."