A CAMPAIGN to educate drivers and encourage them to give horseriders enough space on the roads is hoping for more local support.

Local rider Penny Joubert is again organising a 'pass wide and slow' event, to highlight the need for better awareness among car drivers.

A troupe of riders will set off from Brunel Quay on Sunday, May 20, travelling through Neyland and Little Honeyborough to Waterston, before heading back through Mastlebridge to Brunel Quay.

"We are looking for support from riders and non-riders in the area," said Penny.

"We just want to get the word out there about passing horses wide and slow on the roads."

According to road safety service Think! 11 horse riders were killed and 116 seriously injured in collisions with motor vehicles, in the five years to 2015.

While riders are actively encouraged to wear high visibility clothing, and only to ride in suitable conditions, drivers should also be aware that sounding their horn, revving their engine, or overtaking with insufficient space can startle horses, posing a risk to them, their owners, and other road users.

Dyfed-Powys Police PCSO Jude Parr said all drivers should pay respect to horse riders in an attempt to keep Pembrokeshire roads a safer and more pleasurable place to ride.

She said: “We are contacted on a regular basis by concerned riders who have experienced 'near misses' and who have been affected by such frightening experiences and for many they do not have a choice other than to ride along our roads in order to access bridleways and more open spaces."

Anyone wanting to take part in the ride-out, or to show their support along the route or as a steward, should contact Penny on 07793 393513.

Meet at Brunel Quay at 9.30am, for 10am start.