MILFORD Haven's new mayor hopes taking on the role will inspire others to get involved in local politics.

Cllr Rose Gray, who took the chains from outgoing first citizen Cllr Colin Sharp on Monday, wants to 'break down barriers', and show people from any background that they could aspire to the position.

Proposing her for the role, Cllr Rhys Sinnett said Cllr Gray had thrown herself into local life, since moving to Hubberston 12 years ago.

A mum-of-three, she is also a committee member for the national Autistic Society in Pembrokeshire, a trustee of Hakin and Hubberston Community Centre, and a school governor at St Francis.

"Whenever I have spoken to Rose about why she wanted to put her name forward, she has always said it's something that anyone who loves their town would want to do," said Cllr Sinnett.

"You will now be taking on the best job in Milford - you will find out things about this town you never knew, and will meet people who are doing amazing things for their community.

"Yes it will be stressful at times, but it will also be the best year you ever have."

Handing over the prestigious position, Cllr Sharp wished Cllr Gray a successful year, adding: "To do this right requires stamina, patience and determination, all qualities I have seen in you.

"I hope you achieve all you which to during your term of office."

Cllr Sharp thanked those who had supported his time in the role, with his highlights including the opening of Gelliswick VC School, the P1 Powerboating competition, the town carnival, the Mercury talent show, among others.

He reaffirmed his commitment to serving the community as a town councillor, and said there wany reasons to be optimistic about Milford's future.

Taking on the role of deputy mayor is Cllr Terry Davies, who nominator Cllr Kathy Gray said was keen to build on the council's relationship with youth groups, and help future generations.

Rev Andy Bookless was named mayor's chaplain, with leading cadet Jago Clarke named mayor's cadet for the coming year.