A MILFORD Haven man died after accidentally overdosing on a fatal level of morphine, an inquest heard on Thursday.

Aubrey Robert Wyndham Phillips, 40, of 17 Birchmead, Mount Estate, died on January 19 of this year at his home, having been found by his father.

At the May 24 inquest, held at Milford Haven Town Hall, Coroner’s officer for Dyfed-Powys Police Jeremy Davies said Haverfordwest-born Mr Phillips had worked for friends and family since leaving school, but had never held down a full-time job.

Mr Phillips was on medication for a stomach condition caused by the amount of alcohol he had consumed, and was also taking tablets for depression, having spent a period of time at Bro Cerwyn after attempting an overdose, the inquest heard.

Mr Phillips was seen a few days before his death by his mother, saying he was hungry and wanted food, but could not eat due to indigestion.

On January 19, Mr Phillips’ father went to his home, but was unable to get in, later returning with a spare key.

He entered, finding Mr Phillips on the bed, with blood around his nose.

The ambulance service was called and CPR attempted before they arrived, later joined by police, shortly before 1pm, when Mr Phillips was declared to have passed away.

A post mortem report by Dr Petya Nadiva found alcohol slightly over the drink-drive level, along with evidence of previous cannabis use, and an excessive dose of morphine, capable of causing death.

Traces of previous use of amphetamine were also recorded.

Mr Phillips’ death was due to morphine intoxication and, lesserly, to a fatty liver from chronic alcohol abuse, the report concluded.

Family members present at the inquest stated his medication was morphine-based.

Coroner Mark Layton, recording a conclusion of a drugs-related death, said: “In the period leading to his death Mr Phillips has taken a level of morphine capable of causing a fatality; there is no evidence of him wanting to end his life, it appears to be an accidental overdose.”