PARENTS of Milford Haven School students have received letters home warning them about the dangers of tombstoning at Milford Marina.

The letter says the Port of Milford Haven forbids jumping or tombstoning at Milford Marina or Hakin Point under the Milford Haven Port Authority Byelaws (Milford Docks act 1981).

It reads: “As the weather warms up many people are starting to enjoy activities such as sailing and kayaking, however we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that tombstoning is strictly prohibited at Milford Marina and Hakin Point.

“This activity is extremely dangerous due to a number of factors including strong currents, sharp objects that may be hidden under the water and the large amount of shipping in the area.”

Any breach of the port authority’s byelaws may lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £50, plus a surcharge of £30 in a criminal court.

There is CCTV in operation at the marina and Hakin Point, and members of staff wear body cameras which can catch people who decide to break the law on video.

The letter adds: “We encourage everyone to take advantage of our fantastic coasting, but to do so through organised, safe activities where there is minimal risk of injury.”

For more information visit the Port of Milford Haven website: