A YOUNG mum from Milford Haven, whose confidence all but disappeared when she had a baby, has spoken to politicians about how a local youth service helped her get back on track.

Speaking at the Senedd in Cardiff on Wednesday (July 4), Jordan said like many young mothers she felt lonely and isolated, and in her words her life seemed to have “dropped into a pit”.

But thanks to Milford Youth Matter, boosted by £240,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to support young people back into employment, Jordan found a new start.

“I began a woodworking course and they were so amazing, they gave me what I needed including childcare while I was in the course, and they helped me through some rough patches," said Jordan.

"Now I am helping plan a project and I am taking a course on childcare.”

Jordan joined seven other National Lottery-funded organisations and charities from across Wales, to share their stories and pride in how they have taken control of their lives and wellbeing.

Jade got involved with Milford Youth Matters, to improve her chances of finding work after unemployment sapped her confidence.

First she joined a bike maintenance course before moving into building crates to ship aid to Africa.

Jade explained: “They organised for us to be part of an interviewing panel to get experience of how people come across when you are on the other side of the table.

"I got help too and I even gave a presentation about being unemployed to a big company.

"I had a week’s paid work experience recently which was great.

"I am hoping to get into engineering.”

Sir Adrian Webb, chairman of Big Lottery Fund Wales, said: “The Big Lottery Fund in Wales has £34 million to award communities across Wales.

"The projects here are showing what can be achieved when communities take the lead in deciding what is most important to them and use their interests and enthusiasm to create something so positive and unique.

"We hope the Assembly Members will be inspired to encourage their own constituents to think about the strengths they have and what can be achieved through National Lottery funding.

“We described our new regional approach which has seen the Big Lottery Fund re-organised into North Wales; Mid and West Wales and South East and Central Wales.

"Working in this way will enable us to be more accessible and better connected to the people and communities we serve, which in turn will help maximise the impact of our National Lottery funding.”