PLANS for a new Memorial Park playground are going on display later this month.

As part of the consultation process for Pembrokeshire’s new first-of-its-kind, disability friendly playground trustees will be in the Town Council Offices to showcase the plans.

Going forward there are two options, to either have less equipment in the park, but get it completed quickly. Or two undertake more construction at once, but it will require more funding, which may not be successful.

Councillor Josh Beynon, one of the Pembroke Dock Memorial Park trustees, said that they have received 684 responses to the consultation so far.

The consultation documents were sent out to various schools and groups in the area.

He said: “I want members of the public to come along and tell me what they think and ask for more information.

“50per cent of the responses have been from over 18-year-olds and 50per cent from under, obviously we want as many under 18s to reply as possible because they will be the ones using it.

“I’d like to get to around 1500 responses.

“I’ve sent the email out to every school in the cluster, if you add up all the students in all those schools I don’t see why we wouldn’t."

Cllr Beynon went on to say that he hopes people will come and look at the plans.

He said: “Come along and say hello if you have any questions or just want a look if you have a spare minute!

“Let's make the Pembroke Dock Memorial Park the place to go for all in Pembrokeshire and even West Wales and beyond!”

The event will be held on Thursday, July 12 between 9:30am and 12:30pm at the Town Council offices on Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock.

If you would like to give feedback to the consultation, click here.