COULD you help a rescue horse to find a loving home?

Green Acres Animal Rescue is currently searching for suitable homes which could adopt from their large herd of horses.

The rescue centre, based near Little Haven, currently has 27 horses grazing their fields.

This herd is made up of rescues which have been taken in over the last year, including members of the Lamphey Eight, a group of horses found abandoned and malnourished near Lamphey last September.

Natalie Thomas, the rescue centre’s equine expert said others had come to them through a variety of circumstances, including owners who had suddenly found themselves in dire financial circumstances.

“We have also had babies born at the centre over the last year. We are being asked to take more but we cannot because of the amount of land we have,” she said.

The centre is looking for homes with equine experience and access to land where the animals can roam.

This does not mean they have to own land – they can house the horses in livery stables or rented land.

“All we want is for people to give them a chance,” added Natalie. “We have got some really sweet and gentle horses who just want to be involved in everything that is going on.”

Green Acres would officially allow the horses out on loan to anyone who wishes to adopt them, and would visit their animals’ new families regularly to check up on them.

One of Green Acres former charges, Tango, was a member of the Lamphey Eight, and is now living peacefully at a farm near St Davids.

Tango, a Green Acres' rescue horse who is now living with new owners near St Davids. PICTURE: Green Acres Animal Rescue.

“He looks absolutely amazing,” said Natalie. “He looks like he never ever went through that ordeal we found him in.”

In April, the RSPCA reported there was an “ongoing horse crisis” across the UK.

In 2017 RSPCA inspectors in Wales dealt with 1,331 equine calls which involved 4,616 animals in total.

At the time, a press release by the charity said: “Despite the efforts of the RSPCA and other equine welfare organisations, the crisis shows no sign of easing, with the charity struggling to find stables and funding to keep the large number of horses it has had to take in.

“As soon as one horse is rehomed, another is waiting to immediately fill the stable and, as a consequence, the majority of horses taken in by the RSPCA have to be cared for in private boarding stables at further cost to the charity.”

For more information about adopting horses from Green Acres Animal Rescue visit their website or contact them via 01437 781745 or