A TEA party with a twist took place in Milford Haven last week.

Every year Milford Haven Youth Centre hosts a special lunch for local OAPs.

But this year, its members decided to open up the event to the wider community.

"We've done it for a few years but only give to one generation, so we thought why not invite all different ages," said Jade Roberts, youth centre member.

Invites were sent to local churches, charities, businesses, community groups and organisations, for them to pass on to those they thought would benefit.

Among the attendees were representatives from town and county council, the Port of Milford Haven, Value Independence, the Rotary Club, Tesco, and Pembs LGBTQ Plus.

"We're giving to people who give to the community," added Jade.

Money for the event was raised through bag packs, grant applications and donations from local businesses.

"The youth council wanted members of the community to come together and meet," said Nick Hudd of Pembrokeshire Youth Service.

Jean Stammars, who was invited as a member of St Katharine and St Peter's Church, said she didn't know much about the youth club before being invited.

She was full of praise for the young organisers.

"They're amazing, and just want to help, you can see they really want to make a difference," she said.

"Everything is delicious and wonderfully presented."

Matt Townsend and Pete Shea of Pembs LGBTQ Plus said they were delighted to be invited.

"It was a pleasure to meet so many members of the community and find there is so much support for what our group is doing," said Mr Shea.

Aaliyah Coaker, who has been attending the youth centre for five years, said: "It's been a really good turn out, I've really enjoyed it."