THERE are calls for CCTV cameras to be installed at Milford Haven's open air paddling pool, following a string of vandalism.

Rolls of toilet paper and a cardboard box are the latest items discovered floating in the Rath pool.

On August 15, broken glass was spotted in the water, meaning the pool had to close so it could be drained.

Ten days later, the pool was emptied overnight when someone removed the drain cover, resulting in another closure.

Thankfully crew from Milford Haven Fire Station stepped in, using their equipment to re-fill the pool.

"It's disgusting and very disheartening, we have fought so hard to keep it open," said Brian Phillips, who set up the Friends of Milford Haven Paddling Pool page on Facebook.

"We're nearly at the end of the season, but these closures have really blighted the final few weeks.

"I think CCTV would help, at least we would be able to see who is doing it."

Mr Phillips praised fire station crew for their 'fantastic response' in the pool's hour of need.

"When it's filled up normally it's just using a little garden hose, but they contacted the water authority and go the go-ahead and were able to do it so much quicker."

"Who is doing it, somebody must know," said Mr Phillips.

"If this isn't stopped it could affect the future of the pool and we have fought to keep this feature open in the town.

"Please help us if you can."

This latest incident has been reported to police, and anyone with information should contact them on 101.