A MILFORD Haven town councillor has taken the “heart-breaking” decision to resign.

Tracy Olin, who has represented the town’s East Ward for almost 18 months, has stepped down due to ill health.

Mrs Olin it was a difficult decision, but her work as co-ordinator for poverty-relief charity Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship (PATCH) had to come first.

“I don’t want to do anything unless I can do it 100 per cent and I feel at the moment I can’t represent people properly,” she told the Mercury.

Mrs Olin thanked her fellow councillors and council staff Moyra and Fiona Galliford for their friendship and support throughout her term, and said the experience had been “a real eye-opener”.

“I’ve loved learning more about Milford Haven and how things happen, either through town council or local government.

“I never realised how much the town council actually does and how wonderful they all are,” she said.

“Everyone there has got something different to give and it’s been amazing listening to people’s views.

“I’ve gone in with one opinion and then listened to what others have to say and thought ‘wow, I hadn’t considered that’.

“I met so many people and both the mayors during my time have been amazing.”

“I love every minute of it and will miss it terribly,” she said.

“Maybe when I’m better I will go back, if they’ll have me.”

The empty East Ward seat vacancy will be advertised in the coming weeks.