MILFORD Haven Fire Station is looking for more crew members, and is offering anyone interested the chance to have a go at being a firefighter.

The number of on-call part-time staff has sadly depleted at the station over the last 12 months.

The event will take place on Friday, September 14, 9:30am-4.30pm.

Watch Manager Andy Syme at Milford Haven Fire Station said: “It is our intention to attempt to reverse this current trend, as we urgently require an increase in the numbers of our part-time colleagues in order to continue to provide the most effective fire cover we possibly can.

“In view of this we are offering the unique opportunity to any individual living in Milford Haven or the immediate area, who is fit and well and interested in pursuing a potential career in our on-call part-time establishment to attend an informal ‘have a go day’ at Milford Haven Fire Station.

“All individuals attending will be given the chance to speak to the on-duty Watch of the day, throughout their normal duties, and ask any questions or raise any concerns they may feel they have.

“In addition, you will be expected to undertake a range of physical activities directly related to the role of a firefighter to ensure that you gain a true insight into the capabilities required by todays firefighter, and to understand the expectations of the Mid and West Wales Fire Rescue Service.

“At the end of the day if any individual wishes to be considered as a new on-call firefighter working out of Milford Haven, their interest will be formally registered, and an application form completed with the ultimate aim of offering them the opportunity to attend a formal point of entry test day at our Haverfordwest headquarters shortly afterwards.”

To take part in the have a go day, contact Watch Manager Andy Syme on 01646 692 541, or email