I WAS delighted to get a Facebook message from one of TRM's most fervent followers, Mr Richard Barnes, who, I'm pleased to say, has recovered well after his recent accident and subsequent hospitalisation.

"Hi Jeff…just a suggestion on the Lower Hill Street photograph. I went and had a look at a house there. Number 8 belonged, in 1901, to Emma Adams, widow of William Adams, a shipwright. She had four sons, two daughters, and a lodger Phoebe Clunn. She was still living there in 1911. Could this be your mystery lady?"

Could well be? Thanks Richard.

As you know, I'm always delighted to receive feedback re this column, after all, that's what it's about, sharing a few thoughts and memories. But, over the years I've learned that when it comes to content, you can't please everybody.

I get comments like…"I love the old trawling photos and tales, please do more."

Then others say…"Do you always have to concentrate on trawlers...there's more to Milford than its fishing industry, you know!"

Of course I know…and I do try to balance things out, but as the majority of comments are good...and, as long as I'm navigating it, TRM will continue as it is, and I look forward to lots more feedback…whether it be positive or negative.

Now, as promised, we're once again delving into the fishing archives, and taking a quick peek into TRM's trawler corner. This time it's the Calydavia M110; a Castle-class steel-sided trawler, built in 1918 (as Charles Donelly) in Paisley. 276 tons. 125' long.

Landed at Milford from Jan 1920 to Jan 1925 and from Sept 1926 to August 1934.

Local owners…David Pettit, Wellington Rd, Hakin.

Skippers named as...G T Cobley and F M Hawkings.

In May 1940 she was requisitioned for War Service for Auxiliary Patrol, then, in 1941, went on minesweeping duties.

There's just this news cutting from The Times…May 17, 1933 to report.

"The steam trawler Stanfrel foundered at noon yesterday, 45 miles off Dingle coast.

“The crew of 11 were picked up by the steam trawler Calydia, and landed at Valentia harbour."

In December 1953 the Calydavia was broken up by Malcolm Brechin, Granton, and here's a photo of her.

I've had a few more thoughts sent in by ex-Milfordian, Bryan Evans.

"Hi Jeff…the title of your column produces some amazing coincidence.

“I had asked you if you could reprint extracts from Milford United versus Cardiff City, I was amazed to read that ‘Bull’ Best has died. He either played in that game, or was injured, but he played for Cardiff City in their English League team.

“I remember his family lived in Albion Street…Milford had some good youngsters in the 50s, and Brian Burgoyne would have had a professional career if he had not broken his leg during an International schoolboys game, representing Wales versus Scotland, I think.

“Does anyone remember a show at the Empire Cinema in the early 1950s, when a young hypnotist called Paul…?...performed? Dolph was out front in his commissionaire’s outfit, and the cinema was packed. At the beginning of the show, Mr Vernon Julian (owner of the cinema) came on stage, and presented Paul with a cigarette lighter, as it was his 21st birthday.

“During the show, Paul hypnotised most of the locals who had volunteered, and had them performing all sorts of silly things. I recall he spoke to one lad, and told him that when he flicked his new lighter to light his cigarette (you were allowed to smoke on stage and in the theatre at that time) he would have to shout out…GERONIMO…in a loud voice.

“As the show progressed to other things, all those on stage went back to their seats. Sometime later, when the audience had forgotten, Paul flicked the lighter and ...with a really loud roar…the lad shouted the word out.

“He then was called back on stage to be de-hypnotised. It was a great evening."

Thanks for another lovely memory, Bryan.

I know I've included both the Bull Best, and Brian Burgoyne stories in earlier TRMs, but, at some stage, there's no reason why I shouldn't do so again, so keep tuning in.

Meanwhile...are there any of our TRM readers who were ‘put under’ by Paul the hypnotist?

And I wonder who the Empire's GERONIMO guy was!

Here's a pic to remind you of that particular venue.

Now it's time for our teaser, a feature which, from your comments, is one aspect of TRM that appears to be universally popular, enjoyed even by those who don't always send in their answers.

Like this email from ex-Milfordians, Ruth and David Aldred, now living down in Southampton.

"Hi Jeff...just sat here, waiting for the qualification for the American Grand Prix. I am a Lewis Hamilton fan, as is Ruth, and I thought I would look through the Mercury...as one does. And I have just turned to your TRM, looked at the teaser, and I think the answer is PEA. Sorry it has been so long since contacting you, but we still enjoy TRM every week."

Cheers David...good to hear from you again.

David is right with his answer, as were Brian Phillips (congratulations on your Samba Doc tour), Joyce Layton, Les Haynes, Elinor Jones, Joan Earles, Charles Weatherall (plus grandaughter), Larry Robinson, John Glover, and Anne and Jets Llewellyn.

Here's another one. Roughly how many different species did Moses take on the Ark with him?

Finally, I'm grateful to Jets Llewellyn and his ‘Pill girl’ wife Anne, who popped in to see me last week with his ‘Sporting Snippets’.

"Use whatever you like," he said, and I certainly will.

So watch out for some ‘Tish-type’ humour in weeks to come.

Next week we'll have a Hallowe’en special TRM, with some dark tales of fishing putting the wind up us.

For now, that's it. Take care.