SEVERAL Pembrokeshire people are among those who have been threatened by a worldwide email ‘blackmail scam’.

Police are reassuring victims of a series of blackmail emails that they are part of a worldwide scam, and have not been personally targeted.

Dyfed-Powys Police has received an increase in reports from people who have been emailed by a stranger demanding large amounts of money, and threatening to share photos or videos with their friends and family if they do not pay.

Three people from Pembrokeshire and Powys have come forward in the last fortnight to report receiving emails of this kind, but cybercrime officers believe many more messages like this have been sent.

One victim was asked to pay $866, with a threat that inappropriate images would be circulated to their contacts list if they did not pay.

Detective Sergeant Rob Gravelle, of the digital communications and cybercrime unit, said: “What we want people to understand is that these emails are part of a worldwide scam, and that anyone who has received such an email has not been personally targeted.

“The sender is likely to have bought a list of compromised email addresses and passwords from the dark web, and has sent out hundreds and thousands of similar emails in the hope that one person will respond with money.

“The best advice we can give is don’t respond, don’t pay, and change your email password, as well as passwords to any other accounts if you were using the same one.”

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To report blackmail or sextortion to Dyfed-Powys Police call 101. If you are at immediate threat of harm, always call 999.