A HARD-hitting message about the potential dangers on the county's roads was delivered by emergency services and youth workers last week.

On Friday, October 26, Milford Haven Youth Centre held the sixth annual Get Smashed interactive road safety event.

Young people from across the county were educated by members of Pembrokeshire Youth Service, working alongside Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Dyfed-Powys Police and the Welsh Ambulance service.

Using a mock crash scenario, as well as virtual reality goggles and workshops, the messages being delivered were both realistic and graphic.

Feedback from previous events has showed this to be the most effective way of getting through to new or soon to be new drivers.

Nick Hudd from Pembrokeshire Youth Services said: “Young people have told us the methods we use to deliver these workshops convey a powerful message that resonate long after the event.”

A video called ‘Could you live with yourself?' kicked off the event - reflecting on the fatal crash in 2006 of motorcycle passenger Karen Boulcott.

Added Mr Hudd: "Participants can relate to this very powerful film because the incident involved local people from our county, on roads they know.

“Following this, a real-life scenario is played out where the emergency services attend a collision between two cars and cut out its young occupants.

“This is designed to convey the dramatic sights, smells and sounds associated with such incidents.

“The young participants witness window being smashed, doors cut off and the occupants stretchered away and although the victims are played by actors from Pembrokeshire College, the attendees are visibly moved.”

Jeremy Trew from Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "Get Smashed is a great way to deliver important road safety messages to high risk young people in an interesting and involving way."