A PEMBROKE family are featuring in a new BBC One Wales TV series, which first airs this Friday night, November 30.

The four-part series following families across Wales in their search for a rescue dog, Give a Dog a Home, starts on November 30 at 7.30pm, then the following three Fridays.

It stars Benji Webbe (singer of Newport metal band Skindred) and TV presenter/volunteer at Cardiff City Dog’s Home Fran Donovan.

One of the families featured is the Stonehill family, who recently moved to Pembrokeshire from Brighton.

Their daughter Lily was struggling to settle into her new surroundings. Her mum and dad thought that a rescue dog might be the answer, so enlist the help of Benji and Fran, but any dog that they find needs to get the go-ahead from their three giant Estrela dogs.

After looking at dogs in Greenacres Animal Rescue, near Haverfordwest, and Animal Rescue Cymru near Cardigan, they adopt Phoebe (an ex-breeding Labrador that was abandoned) and Rex, who they renamed Alvin (a seven-year-old Terrier mix who came in as a stray).

Mum Michelle said: "Our two new additions have fitted into family life so well. They're both so sweet natured and it's like they've always been with us. All the five dogs get on so well with each other. It was so helpful to take part in the show because we already had three big dogs. We wanted to adopt a small rescue dog but were unsure how they'd react to a new small dog joining the pack. The rescue centres and TV team were all so helpful."

Daughter Lily added: “I’m so glad my parents agreed we could get two because we just couldn't leave Phoebe behind. She's such a lovely dog. People really should go to rescue centres for a dog because so many just want a family to love them and look after them. It's really sad how many need homes."

Rescue Centre Manager Mikey Lawlor at Grenacres Animal Rescue added: “We had great fun being involved in the filming of ‘Give a Dog a Home’. It was an opportunity that we could not miss. The team were very professional and it’s a great opportunity for us not only to spread the word of the work we achieve at our rescue centre, but many other centres around the country.

“Adoption is the main aim of rehoming centres such as ours, getting abandoned and abused pets new loving homes is our primary goal and it’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile. We are really hoping that the programme will encourage other families to look at rescuing a pet when they decide to own a pet. Our motto is adopt don’t shop!”