A friend’s limited selection of breakfast beverages cost a Neyland man £235 and his driving licence.

Aidan Samuel Windsor, of Primrose Close, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol when he appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, December 4.

Hannah George, prosecuting, said police officers noticed the strong smell of intoxicants when they stopped Windsor’s Peugeot 207 on the A487 Glandy Cross at 8.40am on November 14.

Windsor, 21, failed a road-side breath test and was found to have 55mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath when taken to the police station, the legal limit is 35mg.

Mike Kelleher, defending, said Windsor was previously of clean character and had been drinking the night before, but not on the morning in question.

“He has no previous convictions. He made a dreadful mistake on this morning.”

Mr Kelleher told the court that Windsor spent the night at a friend’s house and woke to find there was only alcohol to drink.

“He did not want to drink that, he went to the garage to buy a soft drink and intended to go back and have another sleep. It did not work out like that because he was stopped by police.”

The court heard that Windsor would lose his job as a result of a driving disqualification.

Magistrates fined Windsor £120 and banned him from driving for 14 months. He was ordered to pay £115 in costs and a surcharge.

The chairman of the bench said: “I’d take some soft drinks if you go to stay at that house again if I were you. It could save you a lot of inconvenience and money.”