NEYLAND town council has voted to buy a new speed warning sign for Honeyborough.

On Monday, January 7, councillors agreed to spend around £2,500 on a vehicle-activated sign, to try to curb speeding in the area.

Cllr Mike Harry was in favour of one that displayed a driver's current speed, but was outvoted by members who feared this might prove an attractive 'target' for boy-racers.

Instead, the council agreed to purchase a general warning sign, which will also record individual instances of speeding.

Cllr Phil Wonnacott said there was "no point putting it up if police won't follow it up".

Cllr Harry said: "If it records the data you an say to the police 'this is happening'.

"We have to assume that if we have the facts we can demand action."

Cllr Gareth Lawlor said if the sign proved successful, the council could look again speeding in High Street and Church Road in the future.

Cllr Peter Hay said nothing would stop speeding completely, "but if we can reduce the speed of people who are just over the limit that is something".

One Honeyborough resident told the Mercury: "If you live in the area you can't say speeding isn't a problem.

"A lot of children walk to school that way or catch a bus from there, and it's only a matter of time until someone is hurt."