COUNTY councillors will decide who should give information about how severe flooding in Lower Priory and Havenshead was dealt with.

In November homes and businesses were badly damaged by floodwater, which was almost six feet deep in places.

Following a letter from local councillor Rhys Sinnett, today (Thursday) the county council's Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee will consider which agencies, partners and stakeholders they wish to speak to, and what they should ask.

Cllr Sinnett has said local residents want to see the agencies who were involved in the incident contributing fully and openly, so the information can be scrutinised.

He has suggested that representatives from the county council, the fire service, the Port of Milford Haven and Natural Resources Wales be involved.

"It is my understanding that the incident has affected more members of the community in Pembrokeshire than any other flooding event and as such there is a real need to explore the circumstances surrounding the event and the ways in which agencies involved tackled it," he said.

He has also asked that people affected in the Havenshead and Lower Priory areas be able to give evidence of their personal experiences.

Cllr Sinnett has asked that maintenance of the Hubberston Pill/Marina area prior to the incident, events in the days leading up to the incident, and the multi-agency response be looked at closely.

"The outcomes from this process of scrutiny will be to provide public assurance as to strength of emergency response procedures in place and also to learn any lessons from the incident to ensure that such an event does not happen again in this area," he said.