A YOUTH club leader reassured local families after an unfortunate mix-up on social media.

A concerned mum from Somerset recently posted a comment online, saying her daughter had been the subject of an attempted abduction at her local club’s Christmas party – at Milford Youth Club in Yeovil.

Her comment resulted in some social media users believing the incident happened in Pembrokeshire.

Nick Hudd, from Milford Haven Youth Club, said nothing could be further from the truth - with local youngsters instead having a safe and enjoyable Christmas party.

“We had a fantastic youth club party with over 50 people attending – including members from the neighbourhood police team,” he said.

“The celebrations included a disco, eating challenges, a festive quiz, a chocolate scavenge and even a snow machine outside making helping to set the Christmassy scene.”

Neighbourhood Police Sgt Terri Harrison confirmed that no such incident had taken place in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

“Local PCSOs attended the event to engage with the youth and staff and state that a great time was had by all," she said.

"They were present at the end of the night also where all attendees left with no incidents reported whatsoever."

For more info on Milford Haven Youth Club, telephone 01646 697967 or visit facebook.com/MilfordYouth