Dear Editor,

How pleased I was to read about the musical exploits of Pembroke's Nesta Bradshaw (Super smile for Nesta's century, February 17).

During the early 60s I was being taught the rudiments of the guitar by Peter Greaves.

Being an apprentice my spending money was somewhat limited so sometimes my humdrum social life was brightened by a visit to Cosheston or Lamphey village halls to dances organised by Pembroke Rugby Club, or the Pembroke Dock RAFA club.

The music was invariably provided by Nesta and, if memory serves me correct, her combo consisted of Jack O'Brian on accordion and Jock Smith on drums.

On one occasion I asked Nesta if I could play my seven well rehearsed chords to augment her combo.

So, with a microphone dangling inside her piano and my five-watt amplifier overheating, we rocked the joint.

Nesta, you may not remember the evening, but you made such an impression on a child of the 60s.

I wish you well.

Ray Dony

(By email)