A VEGAN schoolboy was ‘pinned down while bacon was forced into his mouth’ - and then headbutted and punched when he tried to protect himself, his mother has claimed.

During the incident on January 15, the teen was allegedly headbutted repeatedly by another student who then tried to force meat in his mouth as others watched.

In November, the boy was allegedly punched in the throat in an unprovoked attack.

Following hospital visits, and a medical report which said the boy was displaying post-concussion symptoms, his mother said she had no choice but to keep him at home, but felt “pressured” into letting him return to school, despite not being fully recovered, because his absence was being treated as unauthorised.

“I was being accused of allowing unauthorised absences however the hospital say he was not well enough to attend,” she said.

“I feel let down,” she told the Mercury.

“The school seems to protect the bullies, as it’s like getting blood out of a stone, when questions are asked, and requests for call backs are ignored.

“He was always in top sets, as he’s very intelligent, but is being held back.

“Not only is he being bullied, but his education is being withheld too.”

She said her son is now asking if the family can move to a new area.

“I’m trapped in a situation whereby I worry about my son’s safety at all times whilst in school, where he should feel safe,” she said.

A spokesperson from Pembrokeshire County Council said: “The school has investigated the alleged incidents internally and the matter has been dealt with in accordance with the Governing Body’s approved policies and procedures.

“The school wishes to make clear that it takes the safeguarding of pupils and their school community as their prime consideration.”

The alleged assault on January 15 has been reported to police, and it is understood they are investigating.