THE performance of Pembrokeshire's primary and secondary schools has been published today (January 31).

The Welsh Government has released the results of the National School Categorisation System, which places schools into one of four colour-coded support categories to demonstrate the level of support they need - green, yellow, amber and red.

An overall improvement in school performance has been recorded, with more schools in the green and yellow categories compared to last year.

Green schools require just four days of support and yellow schools receive up to 10 days of support.

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Last year a change was made to the factors that decide a school’s category.

There is now a much broader assessment that considers a wider variety of information including wellbeing and the quality of teaching and learning, rather than just looking at areas such as performance, including GCSE results.

The purpose of including a broader and more sophisticated range of factors is to understand the kind of support needed by a school and to give parents a better picture of how a school is performing.

Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams said: “I’m pleased to see that even more of our schools are now in the green and yellow categories, continuing on with the upward trend we have seen over the past few years.

“These schools have a key role to play in supporting other schools to improve by sharing their expertise, skills and good practice.

“The system has become more sophisticated over time and now allows for a much broader range of factors about a school’s ability to improve to be taken into account – leading to a tailored programme of support and intervention which meets the needs of all pupils.”



Pembroke Dock,

Monkton Priory,

Cleddau Reach,

St Francis RC,

Portfield School.






Penrhyn VC (Hundleton),

Gelliswick VC,


Broad Haven,

Golden Grove,

Milford Haven CP,

Haverfordwest VC.



Pembroke School

Milford Haven School.

NOTE: All school names are written as they were submitted to the Welsh Government in the January 2018 Schools Census.

In summary:

88.4 per cent of primary schools and 69.4 per cent of secondary schools are now in the green and yellow categories. This increase from last year continues the upward trend since 2015.

There has been a rise in the number of schools in the green category – those schools requiring least support - by 6.2 percentage points to 41.6 per cent.

The proportion of red schools – those identified as needing most support – is around the same as last year (a small decrease on 0.1 per cent) in the primary sector. In the secondary sector, this has decreased by 1.8 percentage points.

52.5 per cent of special schools have been categorised as green, and needing less support, with no schools categorised as red and in need of most support.