WELL, after last week's jumble of a TRM, with wrong captions to photos…missing photos…etc, I've been inundated with callers wondering if I'd finally flipped my lid…or found the key to the drinks cabinet!

I'd love to be able to give you a full and sensible explanation, but I can't. I can only assume that somewhere, ‘dark forces’ were at work, dancing dubiously on the slender lines of communications.

Let's see if we can sort some of it out.

The main photo was not, of course, Angela Evan's snap of the County Hospital, the one which she thinks may be from when her brother John was born in 1951. The photo shown was one of Milford ‘Woolies’ staff…although Viv Barrat did wonder if the hospital nurses had been moonlighting!

So here (I hope) is Angela's picture.

There were also a few more ‘missing old shops’ from those listed, as pointed out by our old TRM-er Doug Joyce, and others, including John Kelly, who said…"Having worked in Charles Street for 40 years, this list of shops may be of interest to you.

“Grocers: Star Supply Stores, Market Stores (Cecil James), Maypole (Manager Bertie Davies), Peglers. Menswear: Yarmouth Stores, Bernards Naval Tailors, Hepworths (Manager Mr Pyart), C W Whicher, Miss Philpin, John Lewis. Greengrocers: Coopers, Mrs Heath. Butchers: James Bros, Dewhurst, Jack Bean, Jackie Morgan. Chemists : Meylers, Hugh Symmonds, Llewellins (Hamilton Terrace). Cafes: Stamford Cafe, Tony Costello, Rabaiotti, Secadelis. Shoeshops: Olivers (Manager Jimmy Rowlands), Cash & Co, Lewis (Charles Street and Hakin). Also Trevor Jones, Ironmonger and Barretts (Furniture).

“Hope this is of interest."

Certainly is John, and it also gives me the chance to include a snap of James Bros Butchers, another of the photos that got lost in space last week.

Another reader who got in touch about the shops was my old friend, Ray Dony, from ‘across the bridge’.

"Hi Jeff…the recent listing of shops long gone in Milford failed to mention the music emporium of Backhouse. I am sure that the likes of your good self, Peter Owen, Bobby Davies and Richard Askwith, and all the budding guitarists in Milford would gather on a Saturday morning to purchase the latest releases on vinyl, and spend hard-earned cash on a long playing record, 12 songs for the princely sum of 19 shillings and 11 pence. Also, we would buy one or two guitar strings to replace broken ones from a night's guitar thrashing, rehearsing in someone's front room (Turn that noise down! You're drowning out The Archers with that racket!) We had a Backhouse shop in Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock, run by two charming ladies.

“The only instruments on sale were recorders, mouth organs, penny whistles, tambourines and the like. Not a guitar in sight! However, they did stock plectrums and guitar strings.

“How things have changed. Today you can purchase top-of-the-range guitars and amplifiers from PBF in Haverfordwest or Main Street Music in Pembroke. With all the modern developments on the pop music scene, I feel, Jeff, that our generation had the best of times."

That is so true, Ray…and I'm very grateful for your welcome thoughts and memories. Times certainly were different back then.

Roger Max told me that he remembers Mr Backhouse well, and on one occasion, wanted to buy a new record player, and was told by Mr B..."If you like…you can pay me over six weeks!" And there was no interest charge!

Ray Dony was one of the stars in our previous charity show in the Torch Theatre…The Fabulous 50s and 60s.

Sadly, his health hasn't been too good, otherwise, as I pointed out to him, he would definitely have been asked to be in our forthcoming Super Sounds of the Sixties.

Well…like me…the guy lived and loved the music. He loved the famous Rebels…one of the earliest, and greatest local bands of the day, and one week I'll dig out a snap to remind us all of just how popular they were.

Meanwhile, here's a reminder of the Backhouse music shop.

Someone who wasn't put out by last week's column, was Suzanne Payne (nee Critten) who said…"Hi Jeff…I am visiting family in Milford and it has been pointed out that there is a photo of me at North Rd school. I can name a few.

“I am in the front row, second from left, headband on. Sian Harris is in the middle row in the middle. Charmaine Maine, back row, three from the teacher. I think Elaine Steer is next to the teacher, but I can't remember the teacher's name.

“Weird that I am in Milford a few days after my birthday, and I am in the paper."

I seem to be the ‘King of Weird’ at the moment, Suzanne. Thanks for your email.

Teaser time. Last week's was tricky, and I had many incorrect answers, but not from these, who all said it was 19...John Glover, Les Haynes, Phil Jones, Anne and Jets Llewellyn, Brian Phillips, Charles Weatherall and Roger Max.

Thanks to all who got in touch.

How about this one? What is the only number where letters are in alphabetical order?

Well…I hope that's cleared up some of the mess. Thanks for all the good wishes...see you next week (unless the gremlins get me first)!