MILFORD’S community spirit has been praised by a grateful grandad.

Tegwyn Ellis recently took his five-year-old granddaughter to Milford Haven recently, to show her the town in which he grew up.

“We were sat on the Rath eating chips, it was such a nice day,” said Tegwyn.

“I went to put the wrappers in the bin and somehow my granddaughter slipped and banged her nose on the railing.

“It was bleeding quite heavily, so I went to look for some water to clean her up.

“We headed towards the pool and I spotted a woman in her garden opposite, so I asked if she could wet a tissue for me.

“She said ‘come on in’, let us use her bathroom, and have me some cotton wool in case the bleeding started again.”

Tegwyn said he just wanted to publicly thank the woman for being so helpful.

“In this day and age people are almost frightened to let you in their house, but she welcomed us in and I just want to say thank-you for your kindness.”

He said his granddaughter was still “a little sore” but all fine now.