FOR all those who aren't averse to being served up a dog's breakfast to chew on with their elevenses, this week's TRM should go down a treat.

As well as the usual old photos factor, it's also a mixture of answers to previous queries…plus even more queries sent in hoping for answers, like this one, which comes from Sarah Knill.

"Hi Mr Dunn…I was hoping you might know some history on the Baptist School church, Yorke Street. I have bought the cookery room/school in Yorke Street, and really would love a picture etc if possible."

Thanks Sarah, sorry I've nothing in my box of snaps. If anyone is able to help, please get in touch.

Next up is a photo, and a ‘note’ from Mrs Sheila Cleevely (nee Goodridge).

The snap is of Milford Town Hall staff, probably 1973. Names kindly provided by Sheila.

Jim George, Cyril Pattenden, Mr Warburton, Chief Financial Officer, Dennis Rimmer, Archie Mathias, Norman Jones, Arthur Walters, Brian Bradford, David Britton, Richard Owen (David), Ian Parsons, Barry Davies, Margaret Jones, Beryl Davies and Sheila Cleevely.

And here's the ‘gist’ of Sheila's note…

"The Memorial Gardens, St Katharines Church, town hall, library…The Pride of Milford Haven???

“Milford Haven UDC...a very special building that the residents of Milford Haven were so proud of…the envy of other towns in Pembs…now to be…'sold on'.

“From the impressive entrance, the marble floors and staircase to the council chamber...all the history of past mayors, maps, ancient charts…with Milford as Milfrwd...the woodwork a credit to the carpenters who produced and fitted it...all the coats of arms of visiting vessels to the port. Another piece of our history…and pride being cast aside."

Thanks Sheila…I'm sure many agree with those sentiments.

If I remember correctly, while I was researching for my The Day War Broke Out play, I discovered that the town hall, when it was first opened in 1939, never actually got to be ‘officially’ declared open.

Anyway, here's a ‘special’ photo of it.

Last week's TRM included a photo query from Graham Clarke, and Phil Jones thinks he may have solved it.

"Re Graham Clarke's photos, I think it may be The Brynawel Hotel in Llandrindod."

Many thanks, Phil.

And now we return to the topic that has brought so much interest over the last month or so…old Milford shops.

Here's an email from Mac Thompson.

"Hello Jeff...some more lost shops for you to remember.

“J P Hall, the baker in Greville Rd (my uncle); Trevor Blockwell Grocer and Chippie, Brook Avenue; Emlyn Allan sweet to Board School on North Rd; Alfie Barrett grocer…between 1 Imperial Terrace and garage; Barnes grocer…opposite the Whetham; Jim Watts butcher in Robert Street; Harold Thomas tobacconist and Foyles Library corner of Vicary Street (another uncle).

“I'm Malcolm (Mac) Thompson formerly of 10 Imperial Terrace, which was changed to 21 Pill Road.

“My late mother, Lily Thompson, who died when I was 17, was known to the Fairfield Kids as 'Auntie Lil'.

“She was also a founder member of Pill Social Centre, along with Billy Fee and Reuben Woods."

Great stuff, cheers Mac, thanks for getting in touch.

I've had yet another query from TRM stalwart, Richard Barnes.

"Hi Jeff, can you tell me about the old Astoria's roof, and what became of it when it was removed?"

If anyone's got any such gen, please let us know.

Teaser time. Last week's solution was to put the first letter at the end…so making it a palindrome, with the word reading the same backwards.

This week's clever clogs are…Maria @ Todaros, Les Haynes, Margaret Lloyd, Margaret Jones, Joyce Layton, Charles Weatheral (and granddaughter), Phil Jones, Elinor Jones, Anne and Jets Llewellyn.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

No teaser this week, It'll be back in a fortnight.

At last Sunday's rehearsal for Super Sounds of the Sixties, our April charity show in the Torch Theatre, it reminded me that it was almost exactly 56 years ago, in March 1963, when a gang of us, in a minibus, headed up to the Capitol Theatre in Cardiff, to see a pop show starring Little Miss Dynamite, Brenda Lee, Mike Berry, Sounds Incorporated and The Bachelors.

We had guitars, harmonicas, even a tambourine on board, and spent the whole journey belting out the Beatles' Please Please Me...their current hit record.

We've got our own Little Miss Dynamite in Sounds of the Sixties, and of course, Beatles' songs to please, please…not only me…but everyone who believes we were privileged to have lived through one of the most extraordinary decades in the history of pop music.

I'll be there both nights…April 5-6, and would dearly love to see you there too.

I'm now going to lock myself in my study and play vinyl after vinyl, until the dog drags me away to take her out for her next walk. See you soon.