A CHARITY supporting bereaved children has been chosen as Valero Pembroke Refinery's workforce as its charity of the year.

Sandy Bear will receive a special focus from the refinery’s community engagement, volunteering and fundraising activities throughout the year.

The charity aims to provide intervention to children and young people aged up to 18, and their families, who have experienced a bereavement that is impacting their emotional health and wellbeing.

Isobel Hall, of Sandy Bear, said: “Sandy Bear is very excited to be Valero’s 2019 charity of the year.

"Looking after bereaved children and their families is incredibly important and a service like this can be life-changing.

"We are looking forward to working closely with the refinery and its workforce to help raise funds to benefit those affected here in Pembrokeshire.”

Stephen Thornton, Valero’s public affairs manager, said: “Sandy Bear’s special focus on bereaved children struck a chord with Valero staff, and personnel at the refinery are looking forward to raising money for the charity in 2019.

"We are absolutely delighted that Sandy Bear will be able to benefit from Pembroke Refinery’s longstanding community engagement programme, and hopefully together we can make a positive difference.”