POOR support for Milford Haven's last Founders' Day event has prompted councillors to reassess its future.

At Thursday's town council meeting (March 7) members discussed the best way forward for the celebration, which first began as a one-off to mark the town's birthday.

Such was its success it became an annual event, but was paused for several years before its resurrection in 2015.

Last year's event cost £2,200, members were told, but was poorly supported.

Cllr Yvonne Southwell said the "expense did not justify the outlay" of holding it in the same format in 2019.

Businesses in the town centre were in agreement that it was always a poor day for trade, said Cllr Lynne Turner.

But, she said, no other town in Pembrokeshire had an event quite like it.

She suggested speaking to local community centres, to investigate whether they could help share the workload - and the benefits it could bring.

Cllr Alun Byrne said more should be done to mark Milford's unique heritage.

Mayor Rose Gray agreed, saying: "Founders' Day should be about people learning about the town and how it came about."

But, she said, if people were unwilling to help out for "one day in Charles Street" she questioned how the event could grow successfully.

"People always say they will help but don't," she said.

Councillors voted to look at whether Founders' Week activities could be moved to Festivities Week, linking in with the summer carnival, and to look at other options to mark the town's history.