A Milford Haven man assaulted his sister after threatening her dog, a court has heard.

Gwyn Smith of Howarth Close, appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Wednesday, March 13, having previously pleaded guilty to assault.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, said the complainant heard Smith being nasty towards her dog when he returned to the family home at 8pm on February 24, after being out with friends since the previous evening.

The court heard that Smith, 30, was aggressive to their mother and pushed his sister in the chest when she came into the room, then grabbed her by the neck and pushed her again.

She was thrown to the floor and punched while Smith shouted abuse.

The woman was then dragged from one couch to another and hit by her brother, while their mother tried to intervene.

Smith followed her as she ran up the stairs, then pushed, punched and stamped on her.

His sister said she was ‘petrified’ after the assault, adding that Smith had threatened to kill her.

Mike Kelleher, defending, said the sister had now left the home and his mother was happy for him to return after the court hearing.

Probation officer Mark Brosnan said Smith had taken cocaine and drank alcohol before the incident.

“He fully admits he was aggressive towards his mother, made threats towards the dog, and when his sister intervened he turned on her.

“They were always very close, he loves her and fails to understand why he acted in this way.”

Mr Brosnan said Smith, who suffered from depression and anxiety, had previous convictions for violence and had issues with alcohol which he was addressing.

Smith said: “I regret what I have done. I am trying to get my life back on track and have stopped drinking now.”

Magistrates imposed a five-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with a community order, 100 hours of unpaid work and a 15-day rehabilitation activity.

Smith was ordered to pay £120 compensation to his sister, £85 costs and a £115 surcharge.

A two year restraining order was granted, prohibiting Smith from contacting his sister or loitering within 100 metres of her home.