A MILFORD Haven School pupil is the first in more than ten years to be accepted into Oxford University.

Natalie Thomas, has been accepted into Oxford University to study history starting in October.

Not only is she is the first Milford Haven School student in more than ten years to be accepted into Oxford University, but also one of only three pupils from the whole Pembrokeshire to be accepted into Oxford or Cambridge this year.

Natalie is the first person in her family to go to university, and said other students should remember it is possible to continue to higher education if you apply yourself, regardless of what previous generations have done or whether you are from an elite social background.

"It starts with you believing in yourself and that you can do it. Many people don't apply because they think they aren't good enough, where actually the university needs people from all walks of life, but people need to put themselves in the running else it will never change and will always remain a place most people think it out of reach," she said.

Natalie is looking forward to the challenge of studying at Oxford University and is aware she is not the typical Oxford candidate.

She hopes her achievement will inspire other young people from Pembrokeshire to raise their expectations of themselves and what they can achieve.

"Students from Milford Haven School are as worthy as students from anywhere else to study at elite Universities, said Natalie.

"I would like to think that by seeing me go to Oxford University, it will make other people realise that it is achievable to study at this level. People say that places like Oxford and Cambridge are for privately educated and rich young people, I am neither of those things but I have worked hard and earned a spot there which anyone could do," she added.

In honour of Natalie's achievement Milford Haven School is adding a new award to the annual Senior Certificate Award Ceremony.

This will be the Natalie Thomas Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement, and will be sponsored by the current head of sixth form Mrs Dootson.