GELLISWICK Church in Wales Voluntary Controlled Primary School received a positive Estyn report, with only one area needing improvement.

The Inspection found standards; wellbeing and attitudes to learning; care, support and guidance; and leadership and management were all of a “good” standard – meaning they have “strong features, although minor aspects may require improvement”.

Teaching and learning experiences were found to be “adequate and needs improvement”. The report explains this means that “strengths outweigh weaknesses, but important aspects require improvement”.

This is Gelliwick’s first Estyn report since the school was created in September 2017 – after the amalgamation of Hakin Community Primary School and Hubberston VC Primary School.

The report said: “In a relatively short period, leaders and staff at Gelliswick Primary School have created a calm and purposeful ethos, where most pupils make good progress as they move through the school.

“Pupils display good behaviour, have positive attitudes to learning and show high levels of care and consideration towards each other and adults. The school’s support for pupils attending the learning resource centres and nurture classes is strong, enabling them to make good progress in developing their social, emotional and communication skills.

“Teachers develop positive working relationships with pupils that support and encourage them to succeed. Senior leaders have led the process of amalgamation of the previous two schools very successfully. As a result, pupils, staff and parents feel a strong sense of pride and ownership in their new school.”

The inspector’s key recommendations were:

• Provide pupils with an engaging broad and balanced curriculum

• Provide pupils with greater choice in what and how they learn

• Give pupils more opportunities to develop as independent learners