I THINK we'll kick off this week with an email sent by my good friend, Mel Horn.

"Hello Jeff, I recall someone mentioning memories of North Road chapel schoolroom, but I haven't seen, or perhaps missed, any follow-ups.

“What I can say with absolute certainty is that I went to the grammar school in Yorke Street in Sept 1953, but Form 1 was in the chapel schoolroom, the huge wooden partitions (they still remain) dividing the enormous space into forms 1A, 1B and 1C.

“I include information from the plaque which is still in situ.


“MEMORIAL STONE BY MRS E J MATHIAS (In memory of members of school and congregation who fell in the Great War) STONE BY MISS ANNIE H GEORGE (In memory of her father, the late Rev. David George, former pastor).

“STONE BY MRS SUSAN THOMAS (Senior member on behalf of the church) STONE BY REV. WILLIAM EDWARDS D.D.L.L.D (On behalf of denomination) STONE BY MR. ERNEST N. JONES Ch Sec (In memory of deceased members of the church, school and congregation) STONE BY D.T. PEARCE ..SUPT (On behalf of the Sunday School) REV'S D. HUSSEY, W H PROSSER and E V TIDMAN (Former pastors) (Participated in the services...offerings 359) OPENING CEREMONY 23 JUNE 1927 BY REV H. C. MANDER ..HCF BRISTOL (President of the Baptist union of Great Britain and Ireland...offerings 458) TOTAL COST £4,000 ARCHITECT J. HOWARD MORGAN FRIBA CARMARTHEN.

“All of this may be of little interest, but at least you know as much as me!

“PS Great show last Saturday, the evening flew by. Happily, I knew 'em all."

Thanks for the gen, Mel…it was Sarah Knill who originally asked.

I'm delighted you enjoyed the show...including the two Elvis songs!

Here's a very old snap taken outside North Road's Baptist Chapel.

In the last TRM, I included part of an email from Neyland's Peter Radford, who, following Milford station photos, recalled many details, and much info from the old train days. Here's more.

"I have details from the Swansea divisional notices for July 1958, which detail half-day excursions on Tuesday and Thursday, which ran from Milford to Tenby, the former was open to the general public, whilst the latter was for St Katharines Sunday school.

“Does any reader recollect this? On both days the train ran at the same time, and with the same coaching stock formation...nine carriages…that's 512 seats! Sunday school that big?

“Now to your photo of the fish trains beside the fish stage. The engines are GWR saddle tanks, the left one a larger standard type and the right-hand side seems a smaller ‘Buffalo’ saddle tank and a bit older.

“They took the wagons near the station, and handed them over to, at that time, the standard goods tender engines often working in pairs due to the heavy loads (picture of pair leaving Milford is in window in Charles Street) The photos were taken 1895 to 1905.

“Later the bulldog class and then the 53 class hauled the fish trains and more latterly the Counties etc.

“When I was working in Penzance, I often spent an hour or so on Newlyn pier. There was a gents toilet that had no doorway, and inside, was a fairly long line of toilet seats with no partition separating them...not much privacy! They might have been metal as well as quite ancient, a hard life then in more ways than one.

“Perhaps some fishermen who have been to Newlyn (Hakin's twin town?) feels similar...and may even have used that toilet.

“On another matter, Bobby Locke is a second cousin, his grandmother was my nan's elder sister. His dad, Leonard, married Marjorie McClean, Hakin, where the Lockes lived.

“The Lockes originally came from Bideford, North Devon, the same part of the world where the Radfords and Dallings came from in the 19th century.

“Her father, I was told, was the skipper of a trawler (the John Baptish) that went down tragically some time in the 1940s, but I'm not sure. I can't see any notice of this on the recent remembrance notices on the board at the entrance to the docks. Why? Do you know anything about that disaster?

“Here is a family photo, from L-R...Edgar Locke, Leonard Locke, Marjorie McClean, her father, my mother (Winifred Margaret Perry)...but I don't know the others."

Many thanks Peter…much food for thought there…and next week I'll include the John Baptish in TRM Trawler Corner.

Now it's teaser time. What number do you get when you multiply all the numbers found on a telephone's keypad?

And that just about completes this week's flash back in time. If you feel like getting in touch about something TRM-ish...please do so. But I'll leave you with a snap, just for Ray Dony in Pem Dock, who featured in a recent TRM, and who mentioned the fantastic days of The Rebels.

Here they are Ray...and thanks also for your congratulations.

Bye for now.