REGARDS the proposed reduction of the speed limit from 60 to 50 mph along Freemans Way, Haverfordwest.

I thought I'd write a few lines objecting to this instruction by Cardiff. What good will this do?

Being a local driver AND cyclist using this stretch on numerous occasions, I can see no benefit in this reduction for us on two wheels, other than to frustrate the driver and act as a source of income for speed enforcement, which is bound to appear.

This kneejerk default position of reducing speed limits is wrong, the ideal would be to have two separate routes.

As a driver, the view is clear, well lit, unobstructed and the road surface is excellent with fencing provided where there would be a hazard, at the curve in the road.

As a cyclist, the same is to be said and the wide pavement/raised kerb offers more than enough protection, as does the fence. I have never felt in any danger.

Extend the fence maybe?

However, the path could do with being more clearly marked as a cycleway as well as a footpath and it could be swept on occasion to remove the recurrent McDonalds rubbish and broken beer bottles that constantly appear there.

Reducing a speed limit and saying that it is to protect parties that are already protected adequately on that short stretch is merely forcing a wedge between two opposing groups.

Drivers already need no excuse to curse cyclists due to their mere very dare those cyclists use the roads! We use them because the cycle tracks are fragmented, in disgusting condition and punctures suck.

I am sure the decision has already been made, but I thought that as someone who uses both modes of transport on that road regularly, my view may be worth giving.